evidyaa - The School App

evidyaa app is one stop solution for indulging the parents in real time in students activities going around in school. It helps to upgrade parents from time to time, thus breaks the communication barrier amongst teachers and parents. The app has objective to share information related to children progress in real time so that parents can aware of child true strengths and weaknesses within time. Parents can track attendance, leaves, test scores and exam results through evidyaa.

evidyaa is a perfect communication tool of how technology transforms things and thus establishes a real time collaborative network with teachers and parents.

Test/Exam Result Management

Managing tests/exams and results in a school is one of the most critical but time-consuming jobs and waste much of a time of teacher. evidyaa helps you just need to enter marks of students and you can easily generate the report card along with grade calculation according to the exam marking scheme.

School Time Table Management

Time Table Management is most tedious and effort consuming task for the school staff. Each class has a unique time table along with specific subjects and subject teachers. evidyaa - The School Management Application helps in creating time table for students of each class easily and effortlessly.

School Database Management System

evidyaa School database management system allows you to securely save and manage students records. All the module in School administration are interdependent. They are mainly manual. So they need to be centralized. evidyaa helps to centralized all department and easy user interface. evidyaa provides more ease for managing the data than manually in the document.

evidyaa - Student / Parent App

Fill the Communication group between teachers & parents with evidyaa

teacher parent communicator

Parents get Real time activities going around school.

Get School Event Notification

Parents get time to time school notification.

attendance tracking

Easy to track students attendance.

leave request

Automate the staff leave requests, eliminating paperwork.

Free for all

Yes - Nobody Pays !
evidyaa app free for all.

Exam/Test Report

parents/ student get Pre-Alert of exam & test and also check exam Reports.

evidyaa - The School App

Web Panel for School Administrator and teacher

Manage Student Records

Exam/Test Reports Management

Time Table Managment

Fee support